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About California CEC


about CACEC

The worldwide mission of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is to improve educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities.

CEC accomplishes its mission, which is carried out in support of special education professionals and others working on behalf of individuals with exceptionalities, by advocating for appropriate governmental policies, by setting professional standards, by providing continuing professional development, by advocating for newly and historically under served individuals with exceptionalities, and by helping professionals achieve the conditions and resources necessary for effective professional practice. CEC is a non-profit organization concerned with the education and well-being of exceptional individuals was founded in 1922. There are now over 24,000 members representing state units, Canadian providences, university students, divisions, as well as countries throughout the world.

California CEC Board of Directors 2019-20
President Carolyn Nunes
President-Elect Ann Vessey
Past President Lisa Simpson
Treasurer Gloria Lopez
Secretary Barbara Sorter
Representative Assembly Rachael Gonzales
Representative Assembly Monica Boomgard
 Awards Ann Vessey
Membership How Alpert
CAN Coordinator Victoria Graf
Orange County Chapter Representative Debra Cote
Executive Director John H. Hess
National CEC Board Member Teresa Aceves
Professional Development Matthew Love


Last Updated:  24 February, 2022

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